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TRIPAC® Vacuum Packing Pouch Bags

TRIPAC® Vacuum Packing Pouch Bags


Vacuum packaging is characterized by the following factors:
• 1 Keeps food fresh up to 3 or 5 times longer than food stored or preserved with conventional methods.

• 2 Fish, poultry, and meat can be marinated under vacuum, because the vacuum process opens the pores of the food.
• 3 Avoid spills, leaks, or deterioration in the product during its transportation and distribution.

• 4 When transporting, keep the product in place, preventing it from breaking or modifying its shape and therefore deteriorating.
• 5 There are different types of material for vacuum packing bag, each has different performance.

• 6 It creates a barrier against dust and many pollutants, in addition, it protects the physical product and prevents chemical changes caused by light, air, insects or rodents.

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