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  • Easily adjustable tension system
  • Balanced pulleys with clamping track
  • Cleaner system
  • Thermomagnetic switch
  • Very hygienic

Easily adjustable tension system

Maintains the correct tension of the band, extending the life of the same and making fast and precise cuts, It has an indicator point to facilitate adjustment.

Balanced pulleys with clamping track

The pulleys are balanced to avoid vibrations and the positive clamping track keeps the belt on the correct course, protecting the teeth and giving your belt longer life.

Cleaner system

That keep pulleys and belt free from grease and waste

Thermomagnetic switch

Protects the motor from electrical overloads and is easily reactivated, allowing the machine to not start after a power interruption

Very hygienic

Due to its base, supports and shaft made of stainless steel and its cover in polished steel, which greatly facilitates cleaning.

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