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Vegetable Processor PA-7 Skymsen

Vegetable Processor PA-7 Skymsen

- Powerful 0.5 HP motor, giving a production

approximately 350 Kg / h. Ideal for pizzerias,

restaurants, hotels, industrial kitchens, hospitals, schools,

small productions and others.

- Accompanying the PA-7, 6 cutting discs, 2 Slicers (E1 - E3),

3 Deshiladores (Z3 - Z5 - Z8) and a grater (V).

There are also 10 more types of cuts that you can buy

separately, including the Juliana type cut,

Slicer with Leaves and Slicer with teeth.

- Oblong mouth with large diameter, granting

greater ease of operation and processing power.

-Safety system also on the lever, interrupts

the operation of the engine when it is raised.

-Magnetic security system, when opening the lid the equipment

it turns off automatically.

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