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Torrey Mill Knives

Torrey Mill Knives


Torrey knives provide enormous benefits from the moment they are first used. In each part of their manufacturing process, they are subjected to various quality tests to guarantee the highest standards in all their variables. All Torrey Knives meet the quality standards set by MISA (MeatInudstry Suppliers Association)

Long Life Knife (NLV)

Designed for heavy duty. Due to its design, it aggressively attacks the meat avoiding loss of time due to mill stoppages. This knife is the longest lasting because of its silver-welded carbide inserts.

E-NLV-32 Knife for mill 32.

Straight Stainless Razor (NIR)

It is made of a single piece of stainless steel, which provides maximum hygiene even when its use is not daily or constant. It is very useful in medium production volumes, since due to its straight design, it attacks meat more aggressively, minimizing downtime in the mill.

E-NIR-12 Knife for mill 12.E-NIR-22 Knife for mill 22.

Stainless Razor (NI)

Italian type. Manufactured from a single piece of alloyed steel with a high chromium content, which makes it very productive for low volumes. High resistance to oxidation and maximum hygiene, even when its use is not daily or constant. Self-sharpening.

E-NI-22 Knife for mill 22

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