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Industrial Blender LAR 25PMB Skymsen

Industrial Blender LAR 25PMB Skymsen

- Ideal for kitchens in general, restaurants, hotels, kitchens

industrial, schools, government premises and others. I quickly prepare

of sauces, creams, doughs for crepes, mayonnaise, mashed potatoes,

soups, artisan ice cream mix and other various processes.

- It can work with hot liquids, due to its robust

Double sealed, heat resistant blade system.

- Double Voltage, accompanied by voltage selector, allowing

work on 110V or 220V.

- Monobloc Glass (without welding), unique in the market.

Constructed of 304 stainless steel, thus meeting the

higher standards.

- Blade closer to the side of the glass for greater

contact with food to be processed.

- Turning system for quick removal of the preparation

- On lid to add ingredients during processing

- Powerful 1.5HP motor

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