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Turbo Convection Oven MAXICON VP Skymsen

Turbo Convection Oven MAXICON VP Skymsen

- MINI on the outside, MAXI on the inside!

- The ideal oven for pastry shops, service ports,

Bakeries, Cafes, Restaurants, Bars and others.

- Includes 4 Trays of 35x35cm

- Possibility of stacking up to 2 ovens, for one

higher production capacity

- It is possible to cook Cheese Bread, Sfiha, Pie,

Calzone, Kibe, Croissants, Media Luna, French Bread

(With Steam), Rolls, Puff Pastry Tart and others.

- 3000 w of power

- High quality ceramic fiber insulation

- Door with double tempered glass

- Forced air convection by means of a turbine

- Manual steam injection system, allowing

the user apply it according to his recipe.

- Removable tray support

Electric Voltage 220V Frequency 60hz Power 3000W

External dimensions 430x600x680 mm

Internal dimensions 350x357x385 mm

Distance between trays 75mm

Gross Weight 38Kg

Internal Capacity: 48 loaves

Temp. Maximum 210C

Insulation Type: Ceramic Fiber

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