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LEM 5 Tray Dehydrator

LEM 5 Tray Dehydrator

Make your favorite dry snacks at home without sacrificing quality and at an affordable price. Our 5-Tray Countertop Food Dehydrator combines an efficient rear-mounted airflow system with an innovative door design to give you consistent results.

Single Door Design - Comes with a single clear door that easily snaps into place.

Innovative Rear-Mounted Drying: Powerful 550-watt heating element and rear-mounted fan for even drying.

Shatterproof Food Grade ABS Plastic Trays: Five square trays (15 "X 15") allow 360 degree rotation and uniform drying.

30-Hour Digital Timer - Convenient auto-off means you can set it and put it aside.

DURABLE DESIGN AND EASY CLEANING - Rigid aluminum reinforced corners surround a dense ABS plastic shell for rugged construction. A removable drip tray makes cleaning easy.

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