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TRIPAC® Bag-in-Box

TRIPAC® Bag-in-Box

2.5 GALLON Bag In Box with Valve

Bag In Box is the solution for packaging sauces, liquids, wines, food and non-edible products.
Some of the benefits are oxygen and light barriers, valve wear, seal strength, flexural break resistance, toughness and durability to protect your valuable product.


- Preserves and protects the quality of your valuable product.
- Reduces the overall carbon footprint, compared to other packaging options.
- Provides a safe filling process.
- Represents significant savings regarding shipping and storage costs.
- Less packing material than rigid packing.
- Simple disposal.
- Longer useful life.

- Drinks
- Dairy products
- Food
- Inedible products
- Water
- Wine

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