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  • Programmable advertising in turret with customer view.
  • Print your logo on each label and make your customers remember your brand.
  • Identify and save your products easily through images.
  • Take control of your inventory with your sales reports.
  • Pre-pack and label your products, always having them ready to sell.
  • Update your products from your iPad or PC wirelessly.
  • Manage 100 salespeople on each scale.
  • Start a sale on one scale and end it on another.

Improve your Business Administration

Keep an exact control of what you sell by connecting your scale to your Point of Sale Software. Compatible with: Compucaja, POS Solutions, BIOSS and more!

Increase your sales

The WLS-D scale has a display for the customer in which you can add 100% configurable advertising such as promotions and information about your products even at the time of operation. Perfect option to publicize your new products, weekly promotions, packages, upcoming openings and more.

Make your customers remember you

Tickets or labels 100% configurable! Customize your labels including your brand or logo, allowing your clients to bring your brand or your business logo home as well as the name of your business, product, expiration date, barcode and more!

Keep your equipment always updated

Register your equipment at and get updates and the latest software on your WLS-D Scale.

Connect your scale to your Tablet and PC

Set up your scale easily and quickly from any computer or tablet. You can update prices, register or edit products and more!

Avoid lines in your business

Help your team to take advantage of their time. The floating vendor system allows you to start your sale on one scale and finish it on another by eliminating the lines in your business and serving more customers in less time.

Control your sales effortlessly

With the sales reports by day, group, product, team, department or vendors, take control and follow-up of your sales at the moment.

Always ready for your customers

With the fast thermal printer prepack and label your product, keep your product on display and serve more customers with your time.

Synchronize Your Entire Business

Program all your scales with your network connection either wireless (WI-FI) or Ethernet cable and update your products or generate reports from your office.

Monitor the Efficiency of your Staff

Control, verify and generate reports of the sales behavior of each seller through personalized passwords for each of them.

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