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  • The fastest printer on the market.
  • 35 direct product reports.
  • You can save up to 500 products.
  • Configure your tickets or labels to your needs.
  • Update prices and products via WiFi.
  • Includes software to manage all your scales

Serve more customers and maximize your sale

With the fastest printer on the market, you will be able to label all your products in a short time, you will sell to more customers and you will always have a labeled product ready for sale.

Wi fi connection to PC or Tablet software

WiFi connection that will help you have all your scales networked without the need for cables. Manager software already included to update all your scales in minutes from a Tablet or PC.

Compatible with your point of sale

The W label scale is compatible so that your point of sale can easily identify it. Compatible with: Microsip, Ganamas, Compucaja and more!

Total control of your sales.

You will no longer have inventory differences, since thanks to its sales reports you will be able to identify who sold each product and on what date, you will have 10 sales reports which will help you have total control of your business.

Sell immediately, with your shortcuts

It has 35 shortcuts to organize your best-selling products, so just by pressing a button you will have the product information, you will serve your customer faster and he will be more satisfied.

20kg and 40kg capacities

The W label scale adapts to the weighing needs according to the line of business, whether it is a packer, butcher, cream shop, greengrocer, mini-supermarket, candy store, pastry shop or any business with sale to the public, you will have the best precision in each weighing.

High speed thermal printer

Robust, high speed and easy maintenance thermal printing system. It does not require toner or cartridges and can print tickets or labels Up to 200 km of printing!

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