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  • Verify that you receive and sell 100% exact kilos.
  • Eliminate losses in your business by not receiving merchandise from your suppliers blindly.
  • Receive and sell your merchandise faster.
  • It guarantees that its customers are receiving kilograms by kilograms.
  • Move your scale from place to place with minimal effort.

Built in Steel

The EQM Receipt Scale has a wide platform built in steel and a structure designed to withstand the rough use of commerce and industry, in addition to being protected with 4 overload stops preventing your scale from being affected by accidental weight overloads, ensuring that your weights are always 100% accurate and precise.

150 hour rechargeable battery

Thanks to its rechargeable battery for up to 150 hours of use and its practical design with wheels, you can take it wherever you need it without the need for a power outlet, allowing you to extend your working hours.

Take It Where You Need It!

It has four wheels that allow you to move your scale from one place to another with minimal effort, helping you carry out weighings anywhere in your business when receiving or selling your merchandise.

Available in 200, 400 or 1000kg

With a Minimum Division of 50g / 0.1lb in the 200 kg capacity, 100g / 0.2 lb in the 400 kg capacity and 200g / 0.5 lb in the 1,000 kg capacity, it allows you greater accuracy to meet your need, both in industry as well as commerce, making sure to receive or sell kilograms by kilograms.

Convert kg to lb with a single button

Forget calculators! Thanks to its easy and fast unit conversion.

For Quick and Easy Reading

The EQM Electronic Receipt Scale has the largest digital display on the market with large and illuminated numbers, which allows easy reading from any angle when recording your weights.

Connection to PC or Thermal Printer

The EQM Electronic Receipt Scale has an indicator module with serial connection (RS-232) that allows you to transfer the weight of each weighing to your software or serial printer, allowing you to take better control of the inputs and outputs of your material. business by keeping records avoiding doing them manually.

Large Size for Large Volumes

Ideal size for large volumes thanks to its wide platform that will allow you to weigh Industrial material containers, boxes, drums, steel rolls, metal plates and more, seeing it reflected in significant profits, thus being your best investment.

Better Visibility!

With a removable and movable indicator module, you can adjust from any angle giving you faster and more reliable weighing readings, in addition to taking your weighings into your office, shed or warehouse area since it has a remote connection cable with reach. up to 4 meters.

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