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  • Eliminate Money Loss by weighing your merchandise upon receipt.
  • Check the weight of the kilos that you receive from your suppliers.
  • Save time and effort, avoid forced maneuvers when receiving the merchandise.
  • Receive your merchandise faster and more accurately.
  • Save money by receiving your merchandise properly!

With Range Up to 10m

Easy to operate as you have access to all the functions of the scale from a remote control such as "TARE, ZERO and ILLUMINATED DISPLAY" to ensure that your equipment is always at zero ready to weigh avoiding dangerous and unnecessary maneuvers.

100 hour rechargeable battery

Increase your productivity since it is designed to work with a crane, hoist or traveling crane in long hours without the need for an expensive electrical installation since it has a rechargeable battery of up to 100h.

Unique with Butcher Hook

Ready to work, just place it on the rail or in your work area as it has a butcher-type food grade stainless steel hook to make weighing easier and avoid unnecessary and dangerous tying or maneuvering.

Available in 200kg

Perfect for weighing half a carcass, avoiding inaccurate maneuvers and weighing, with the CRS 200 scale you can weigh up to 200 kg with a precision of 50g / 0.1lb, it will help you receive and verify the kilos that your business receives or sells, generating huge saving money and obtaining total control in the entry and exit of your merchandise, such as half carcasses, beef legs, pigs, lambs, kids and more.

Convert kg to lb with a single button

Forget calculators! Thanks to its easy and fast unit conversion, you will avoid calculation errors by always sending or receiving exact weights regardless of the weighing unit.

For Quick and Easy Reading

It features an illuminated display that makes it easy for you to read the weighing, ideal for use in dimly lit locations like meatpacking, butcher shops, slaughterhouses, markets, fishing competitions and more. * Red display available in 5, 10 and 15 Ton models.

Take the Weight Out of Your Containers

The TARA function allows you to eliminate the weight of your containers, offering you more precise and exact weighings when verifying the input of the material that you are receiving from your suppliers.

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