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  • Sell exact kilos.
  • Add non-heavy items.
  • Gives the sale cut of the total of the day.
  • Calculate the change of the sale.

Resistant and Easy to Clean

Sturdy, easy-to-clean food grade stainless steel construction designed to withstand the HARD work of the trade and give your business a clean and trustworthy image.

100 hour rechargeable battery

The L-PCR Digital Scale allows you to take it wherever you want as it has a rechargeable battery for up to 100 hours of continuous use, without the need to be connected to an electrical outlet for use.

Available in 20 or 40 kg

If you sell retail or wholesale, this digital scale is the ideal, practical, versatile and with capacities of 20 and 40 kg, which helps us to have the appropriate precision whether your business is a greengrocer, cream shop, tortilla shop, mini -super, groceries, poultry, market on wheels or some other with sale to the public, this equipment will be your best investment.

Easy and Quick Reading

Large screen that facilitates reading from any angle in addition to having the back light function that illuminates the screen for use in places with low lighting, this in order that the customer can see exactly what they are buying, generate greater confidence and a better image of your business.

Serve Your Clients Faster and Easier

Forget about drawing the accounts by hand! and using the calculator, give more confidence to your customers using the L-PCR Scale that offers you practical cash register functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication of heavy and non-heavy products, total of the sale, change, as well as a cut daily sales to obtain the total of all your items in a single operation, having greater control of your business.

Build Trust and Security

Provide more security to your customers since this digital scale has two displays, one for the user of the scale and the other for the customer, where you can see exactly what they are selling, TOTAL WEIGHT, PRICE PER KILO and TOTAL TO PAY.

Faster Sales

This equipment has 100 price memories and 8 direct access keys for your best-selling products, allowing you to access your products in a simpler way, serving your customers faster and generating sales. By using the fixed price function, it will help you to speed up sales in case you are selling the same product without having to press the price in each transaction.

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