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Inter-Americana was founded as an importer, exporter and seller of any kind of merchandise, on June 1, 1956. Its founder established his office in Guatemala after being Technical Representative for Visking Corporation (Chicago, Illinois) for Latin America during the 50's. Visking Corporation is currently VISKASE CORPORATION, an international company dedicated to producing high quality products and services as the world's leading manufacturer of cellulose casings and a specialized supplier of plastic film for food processors.

The company soon expanded its services to other markets, such as the glass bottling industry (Owens Illinois), perfume bottles (Richford Corporation), bottle caps and closures (Standard Cap & Seal), electrical supplies and accessories (Radioton-Germany, Nagoya-Japan), among others. Our company earned a solid reputation and trust among its customers and suppliers based on its economic and financial solvency and its seriousness and compliance with business commitments.

Since its foundation, we have overcome several crises that have affected Central American trade in general, having reached its point of maturity, and maintaining a constant process of growth and updating.

All of its experience in the commercial field establishes the basis for its development, which includes, within its main objectives, serving the food industry in general and expanding its portfolio of clients and services in Central America.

As of 1999, the company name was changed to Sociedad Anónima, emerging Inter-Americana, S. A., which gives better commercial and credit support to its operations and a solid financial base for its constant growth.

Currently, it is the leading company that serves the needs of the meat and food industry in Central America, supplying packaging for the manufacture of processed meats, fresh meats, poultry and cheeses, as well as equipment, machinery, spare parts and accessories. It has its own warehouses for the just-in-time dispatch of raw materials and qualified technical service for maintenance and repair of equipment and machinery.

On October 15, 2014 Inter-Americana Honduras was founded: with the same vocation of efficient service and qualified personnel to meet the needs of the extensive Honduran territory.


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